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My ‘journée sans immigrés’ post on Liberal Conspiracy

March 10, 2010

Observe and comment on my article for Liberal Conspiracy, the best site for the politics of the left on the internet. It was written after the JSI had taken place, as opposed to my post below, which was just before. In the LS article I personally interview the leader of the Orléans protest, Sabrina Kecheroud.


La journée sans immigrés – just what France needs?

February 28, 2010

Peggy Derder, Nadir Dendoune and Nadia Lamarkbi, three French professionals in their thirties, have hit upon the idea of la journée sans immigrés, or the day without immigrants. They are encouraging anyone who is an immigrant, of immigrant origin, or who feels solidarity with immigrants and wants to contest their treatment in France to stay at home and not buy anything for one day.

The idea is to make the rest of France see how different their country would look (and how much less money would be spent in French businesses) if France’s minorities did not exist.