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How Bad Can it Get UPDATE

January 20, 2010

My friend, who we shall call ‘Brian’ to protect his identity in any future police investigations, today told me a story. A boy in his collège (therefore younger than 14) took another boy hostage with a hunting knife, and the police had to be called to release him. Verily, my last post on this topic (see previous) pales rapidly into insignificance. Talk about la campagne sauvage


How Bad Can it Get?

January 10, 2010

Generally, I have been quite lucky thus far in my teaching experiences. My pupils don’t hit me, scream at me, and often even say hello and goodbye as they enter and leave the classroom. My peers doing Teach First tell me that the former are daily occurrences, and more than one has felt it necessary to call the police to break up fights when the violence appeared to warrant police charges.

Back in France, things can get just as difficult, especially for those out in the wilds of the campagne. This is story I heard just today. The friend in question (working in an undisclosed location) was playing Consequences, an old game where you write on a piece of paper and pass it along, building up a story. (more…)