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Jenny’s School Dinners

March 12, 2010

Left: English pet Right: French school dinner

Enough worthy political articles, I hear you say. What we, your legions of readers, really want to know is what they’re eating. Lo, I provide.

So what are the Frenchies eating? Still frogs’ legs, tripe, and pigs’ feet?, you chortle. Well, yes, actually. They’re mostly consuming the same things they’ve enjoyed for the last few centuries. Overcooked vegetables, a lot of obscure bits of meat, delicious baked goods, and plenty of cheap wine.



January 20, 2010

Since returning from the Christmas holidays, I have felt ever more settled into the French way of life. I refuse to become angry when shops don’t open, when people shout at me in the street, and when people sneer at my accent. I feel that passive-aggressive politeness will win them over eventually.

Of course not all French people are like this. As soon as you manage to break through the tough Gallic exterior and befriend a French person, the best will be funny, loyal, and interesting people who make great conversation. Take my colleagues for example. Given the size of my lycée (around 1200 pupils), there are close on 100 teachers, though many of them are never seen or heard of in the salle des profs (staff room). On Monday we all shared a very French tradition together, the gallette des rois. Originally intended to mark Epiphany, it has now become a social occasion to see in the new year with family, friends, and colleagues. The week around the 6th of January becomes 7 days of traipsing between gallette parties, each more deliciously pastry based than the next. (more…)