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The madness of French bureaucracy, extended edition

January 20, 2010

Yesterday, something incredible happened. A woman turned to me in an office, nodded, looked into my eyes and said “ça marche. Quinze jours”. She gave me a look of intense respect, something like an acknowledgement of a cultural coming of age. I had just achieved the impossible. I had just managed to get French social security.

I have been trying to get the ‘aide du logement’ (help with rent) since I arrived in France in October. I had given them:

– a passport copy
– a ‘RIB’, a sheet containing bank details
– an ‘attestation du travail’, confirming I had a job
– an application form with my salary details, income for 2008, name, age etc
– a form from my landlady specifying the exact size, facilities, and location of my flat.

This did not suffice.