Amazing 80s French pop videos (i.e. hilariously bad)

In the gym today, I saw a sample of some of the best French 80s pop videos on ‘NRG’, the French version of MTV. This was my favourite, Etienne Daho’s ‘Week-end à Rome’. The budget is around zero, the acting hilarious, the storyline nonexistent. There is a long shot of a woman with a gigantic red bow on her head repeatedly smiling. Enjoy.

Also note the subtle use of a board painted to look like a pool, the crème de menthe, the Mickey Mouse towel round his neck, and all the other delights of this 5 franc (this being 1984) masterpiece.

There’s also:

À Cause des Garçons, which was covered by French start Yelle more recently. The original video has 80s favourites neon, feminist politics, and real people acting in a cartoon environment.

Charlotte and Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Lemon Incest’ isn’t a bad song.

Meanwhile, remember that we weren’t so sophisticated. Check out the body popping, hand clapping, bad-jean wearing video to Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long’. The ‘will-he, won’t he’ policeman and slightly cringy ‘ethnic’ segment are both worth a look.

Suggestions of your own please.

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One Comment on “Amazing 80s French pop videos (i.e. hilariously bad)”

  1. Robin Says:

    Ok so it’s not from the 80’s, but it is a french music video and it’s amazing for similar reasons as the above:

    Who said the French didn’t know how to rock n roll, eh?

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