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Small quirks of the French language #1

December 20, 2009

“Je suis lunatique.”

Not “I am a lunatic”, but “I am temperamental”.


Peep Show

December 1, 2009

As a pseudo-language teacher in France (No PGCE/experience required), one of the games we always play with our students is ‘If an alien came and knocked on your door, and asked what breakfast was, or your parents, or how to play basketball, what would you say?’ Then they try to come up with the English for it.

So an alien knocks on my door. I open it, and at first I can’t see anything at all. He’s very small. Maybe 3 feet tall. Grey, and a little foetus like. A shrunken William Hague. If he said to me “Tell me what England is like”, I would sit him down, and put on Peep Show. It quite simply has everything. The class system (Jeremy and Big Suze), the obsession with youth violence (see the fantastic ending of series 1), the office politics, the booze-centric lifestyle, the dark underbelly (Super-Hans), and, most of all, the humdrum, supermarket existence that makes up 80% of the life of the average Briton.